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Terms and Conditions


Terms and Conditions



The manufacturers guidelines on any fabric we supply and fit are to be adhered to, if you have any queries we can advise on this.

Leather is a natural product and as such the hides may show natural marks or scars, also depending on the supplier colour and texture variation may vary from different samples you look at again please contact us if you have any queries.  Unless specifically advised otherwise, all required FR treatment will be to UK domestic upholstery standards.

Fabrics supplied by the customer must meet British Fire Regulations.  Quality Lounge Suites is not liable for any furniture with fabric that does not adhere to British Fire Regulations.

The customer is responsible for their supplied fabric being suitable for the use it is intended.

For Certain pieces Quality Lounge Suites can provide a barrier cloth inter lining depending on where the piece is to be used.

All structural issues such as the frame & springing, Mechanisms are guaranteed for 2 years.



Quality Lounge Suites will endeavour to repair the fabric on our Sofas and Chairs that has abnormal wear and tear due to an issue with the fabric itself.

Quality Lounge Suites is not responsible for damage caused by the following:

  • Furniture not being used for it's intended purpose.
  • Damage caused by hot liquids and food spillage.
  • Damage caused by sharp, rough implements.
  • Damage caused by fire.
  • Damage caused by pet and animals.
  • Damage caused by standing and jumping on the furniture.
  • Damage caused by neglect.
  • Damage caused by poor / no cleaning / wrong cleaning products.
  • Damage caused by moving furniture around without due care.
  • Damage caused by moving furniture from one premise to another.


Some silks and velvets made from cotton and silk can be marked by the slightest touch.  As all our furniture is handmade, the handling of fabric is unavoidable although great care is taken to minimise any disruption to these fabrics Quality Lounge Suites does not accept responsibility or liability for the condition of these fabrics when used during manufacture.



We offer trade accounts with Credit (once we have been working with you for a while then we will offer Credit based on the relationship)



Items are generally delivered within one week (5 working days) of receipt of payment. For imported or customised items (suites with custom fabrics etc), delivery may take up to 10 weeks. We have an in-house delivery service and you can track your order by calling us at any time on 01923 227200.

For delivery purposes we can manufacture our furniture for assembly on site in case you have restricted access to your premises. It is vital however that you give us this information when placing the order as later changes to the design are chargeable.

In all events the limits of liability for any fault or defect shall not exceed the purchase price of the item.

We cannot accept any liability for delays caused by any circumstance beyond our control.



Large items such as dining tables / Sofas / TV units:  8 – 12 weeks

Smaller items: 1 week depending on stock availability

All items may vary due to changeable circumstances, however we will inform you of any delays.



Shipping fees include all handling, packing and transport fees. Transport fees vary according to total weight of the shipment. We advise you to group your items into one order wherever possible. If your orders are placed separately, separate shipping fees will apply to each of them.

Your package will be dispatched at your own risk, but special care is taken to protect fragile objects.



Like our Facebook page and share one of our posts to your timeline and receive £300 of any order over £3000.

One Facebook account following and share is applicable to only one order.

This offer is only applicable to the full price of the order / product(s) and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers and discounts applied online or in store.

Refer a Friend

1) The “Refer A Friend” offer is only applicable to new clients. If the Referee has previously purchased from Quality Lounge Suites Ltd or Quality By Design Ltd,then
both the Referee and Referrer are inelgible to benefit from the “Refer A Friend” scheme. The Referrer must be a previous client of either Quality Lounge Suites Ltd or
Quality By Design Ltd

2) The Referee must mention “REFERRAL OFFER” and provide the contact details for the Referrer prior to confirming a qualifying order

3) The “Refer A Friend” offer cannot be applied retroactively once an order has been placed. An order is deemed as being placed by the payment of a deposit on the order

4) An order must be a minimum of £1000 excluding VAT in order to qualify for the “Refer A Friend” offer.

5) For all orders over £1000 ex VAT, the Referrer and Referee will both receive £25.
     For orders over £2500 ex VAT, the Referrer and Referee will both receive £50.
     For orders over £2500 ex VAT, the Referrer and Referee will both receive £100.
In all cases, the Referrer will receive a Gift Card for the appropriate amount and the Referee will receive a discount from their order. No other method of payment
will be considered.

6) There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be made by an individual Referrer. The Referrer will earn a gift card for every qualifying order.

7) Quality Lounge Suites Ltd / Quality By Design Ltd reserve the right to withdraw or amend this offer at any time.

8) Any decision made by Quality Lounge Suites Ltd / Quality By Design Ltd with regards to this offer is final.